B i o g r a p h y

Paul is one of the north of England's rock drummers; with over 40 years studio and live experience, he has played along side some of the best rock musicians from the north and has enjoyed moderate achievement over the years.


Never really comfortable in the studio, Paul has always seen himself primarily as a live player most at ease pounding out powerful music with like minded individuals. Having toured with Jess Cox Band, Secret Sam, Skyclad, Battleaxe, Bob Dee with Petro in many countries over the years, Paul sees himself as a working musician.


Paul's catalogue of recordings go back to the early 1980s, playing and recording with local legends Emerson, Vogue and Secret Sam; and later teaming up with Jess Cox the original vocalist from The Tygers of Pan Tang for a short tour, TV appearance and an album which featured both Jess and Rob Weir from the Tygers, in a project called Tyger Tyger -  (see Recordings).


In 1995, Paul was offered the gig with folk metallers Skyclad and went on to tour in Europe with bands like Saxon, Yngwie Malmstein, Riot, Whiplash, Blind Guardian, Love Hate and Rage. He also recorded the albums 'The Answer Machine' & Oui Avant-Garde a Chance' and a track on the Century Media tribute album to Judas Priest; Never really a full member of the band, both parted company in 1997.


In 2007, a renewed interest from abroad in Battleaxe, resulted in the band getting together to play festivals in Europe and the UK and sign a 3 album deal with SPV Steamhammer. Paul's solo project Axxed Asylum was launched around the same time.


In 2014, Paul decided to call it a day and hang up the drumsticks for a while but still writing and recording material under the names Axxed Asylum, with Vocalist Roddy B (RIP).


Paul's solo tracks to date on iTunes are as follows


2012 - Rock Legions

2012 - Into The Fire

2012 - Afterlife

2013 - Fireball (Deep Purple Cover)

2014 - Welcome to the Asylum

2019 - Scream For The Nation